Acworth beauty and boudoir photography: Rosey

I’ve heard it so many times: “I wish I’d done a boudoir shoot when I was younger, but I’m too old for that now.” My question to you, if you think this is: “Says who?”

Your significant other? Hello, I doubt it very seriously.

Your girlfriends? I bet not. It’s true that they would probably say the same thing about themselves. But if you asked them if you could pull it off, what would they say to you? We are our own worst critics but are great cheerleaders for others, aren’t we?

Society? Maybe. We get that message because all that’s ever shown out there are the young and thin models that are not representative of the average woman. I’m loving the fact that this trend appears to be changing. But anyway, who cares? Maybe it doesn’t really matter what society thinks.

Your children? Ha probably! Actually, they may have matured enough to get past the thought of Mom in a sensual way. But again, who cares?

This experience is about celebrating you for the woman you are, wherever you are in life. Here and now. No judgment. Just celebration. Let’s celebrate the beautiful, Rosey, who is KILLING it at 58.

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