Lindsay & Brynn ~ mother & daughter photo shoot

What a fun day with these two! They could not be any more beautiful and both Lindsay and I were completely taken with how much Brynn loved being in front of the camera. I told her I wasn’t going to ask her to smile the whole time like she was probably used to when having her picture taken. She loved that and exuded a confidence that was inspiring and beautiful to watch. She GLOWED. She exhibited a self-assurance not yet touched by society and all it tells us about our beauty and how we should feel about it. I think there’s a beautiful lesson here. This is what we looked like before we began to believe that what others think matters more than what we think. Before we cared so much. Before we learned to give more credit to all the other opinions out there besides our own.

This was Lindsay’s first time having portraits of herself and I think it was about time. She is so gorgeous. I could sense her hesitation and self-doubt. She mentioned when she saw the back of the camera once during the shoot how it is hard to look at pictures of yourself. Well, Lindsay–just look how gorgeous you are.

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