My Valentine

This year in May we will celebrate 12 years married. He is truly my partner in this life and I am crazy lucky to have him by my side. He is the kind of man that you can count on in all the ways that matter. He is devoted to his job and career and has a work ethic that impresses me on a daily basis. Amazingly, he is even more devoted to his family and does everything he can to be an integral part in our kids’ lives, whether that’s by helping out with baseball and softball coaching, tennis team co-captaining, reading books with them nightly, or teaching them how not to be sore losers at Battleship and Monopoly (that one will take some time). He is ridiculously smart and I seriously hope our kids got his brains (in addition to all the obvious physical traits he gave them). We have created two beautiful, smart, full of personality children that we adore. Together we have created a life of love and trust based on mutual respect–a foundation we continue to build on. Our road together has not always been paved with rainbows and butterflies. It’s hard work to live with someone, raise children together, work your butts off, run businesses, maintain a house and home, AND do a good job at all those things. At different times in life some things get more attention than others. But when you have someone by your side who is your partner, your teammate, your supporter and your Netflix snuggle buddy who will sometimes even rub your feet–well, the rainbows and butterflies are always in the landscape. I love this man for many reasons, and one is definitely because he knew to get me a Publix cake for Valentine’s Day.

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